Sexy Tribal Lower Back Temporary Tattoos

July 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Thinking About Getting A Tribal Lower Back Tattoo?

Tribal Lower Back Temporary Tattoo

Have you been looking at Tribal Lower Back Tattoo Designs and wondering how you would look? Picture laying poolside sunbathing and showing off your sexy tribal rose tattoo would look when wearing your bikini. Guys love sexy tattoos!

There is no doubt a lower back tattoo has sex appeal but it is a BIG DECISION to get a tattoo that can’t be removed. Temporary Tattoos are a great way to look smoking hot and feel very feminine!!!

I ordered this Tribal Temporary Tattoo package for my wife and she LOVE IT!!!! There were 45 exotic tattoos in the package with designs including Maori, Scorpion, Zodiac, Dragonfly and many more! They were high quality – looked like the real thing when applied. Lasted at least 5 days and was easy to take over once it started to fade.

My wife had a new found self-confidence wearing her bikini to the pool with her Rose Lower Back Tribal Tattoo on! Her friends at the pool lost their minds thinking she got a “real” tattoo – they could not tell the difference. We did not tell anyone it was a temporary tattoo until the next week when it wore off. 3 of her friends immediately ordered their temporary tattoo packages!

Dragon Tribal Temporary Tattoo

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